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Business Plan

Developing a market breaking proposition

As a result of deregulation and the introduction of CPS, BT Business was facing net losses of 1% per month. Edengene was engaged to stem the flow of customer losses and recapture lost business.

Edengene designed and delivered BT Business Plan – from concept to customer sign-up in 3 months, reducing net losses to 0%, with the proposition attracting 160,000 customers within 12 months. It moved the market from low cost to price certainty and repositioned BT in the SME market.

New Wave

Identifying new sources of sustainable income

In 2001, BT faced a major challenge: a serious loss of market share and a potentially catastrophic impact on share price. BT needed to find new sources of sustainable income, that would deliver 30% per annum growth.

With Edengene’s market leading innovation methodologies, we worked with BT Retail to deliver three new businesses in the first 6 months. We worked across the BT Group to repeat the process and deliver a substantial portfolio of opportunities and market launches.

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BT Healthcare

Creating a New Healthcare Service

BT is one of the leading providers of network based services to the National Health Service (NHS) in the UK. In 2005 BT was seeking to extend its positioning within the health sector, leveraging its capability and knowledge to identify and build a valuable new healthcare-related communications business.

The approach adopted was to start with the customer, and his/her requirements. The team identified the most attractive potential customer segments, and worked to identify what solution(s) they would want from an infor- mation service provider to assist them to manage their condition. Furthermore, we established private sector partnerships (with pharmacy chains) to reach health aware consumers with an initial wave of services, to establish brand presence and stimulate market adoption.

BT became NHS provider of choice for patient self-care solutions in England and Wales. BT Health services (telehealth) are already implemented by several PCTs in the UK. A private sector solution was also launched in 2008. BT Vital Life provides self-care solu- tions to people with long-term conditions such as Asthma, Diabetes, Hypertension as well as those having difficulties with day-to-day activities and promises to be a substantial growth business for BT.

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