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Developing a new growth strategy for the Powerade brand across key European markets

The CocaCola Company need to build a differentiated brand strategy for Powerade, to challenge the market leader, Lucozade Sport, and engage with participants in sport who typically do not use sports drinks.

Edengene challenged prevailing assumptions about Powerade’s target markets, consumer needs and preferences. We worked with the CocaCola Company to develop a clear ‘challenger brand’ strategy, supported by implementation roadmaps to aid execution.

Powerade ‘Inner Gear’ was executed as a campaign for Team GB at the Beijing Olympics, the Rugby Football Union and the Welsh RFU.

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Refining the hydration proposition for the Coca-Cola Company Europe

Following the ‘Dasani disaster’, The Coca-Cola Company needed to re-evaluate its approach to water & hydration. There was little mileage in competing with established water brands, line extensions, or pure ingredient driven development. New product concept testing had been carried out and a fit with existing Ipsei, Aquarius & Aladdin brands addressed, but they needed a proposition to make the case to release funds for launch.


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Marketing strategy and launch

Developing the European Marketing strategy and launch plan for Aquarius

The Aquarius brand was identified as having great potential across Europe, having done well in Spain and even becoming a cult drink. The Coca-Cola Company needed to diversify away from CSDs and reposition Aquarius.


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