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Sustainable Energy Solutions

Developing a differentiated proposition for a commoditized B2B market

E.ON was facing significant growth and margin challenges in its core retail business. Government regulation and business customers’ desire to address rising costs provided an opportunity to grow in the B2B market.

Edengene worked with E.ON to develop a differentiated proposition in the heavily commoditized B2B market, providing a major new source of revenue. In nine months, we developed the concept and took it to market, creating a strong brand presence for E.ON Sustainable Energy Solutions in the B2B market.

E.ON SES was noimated for the 2008 MCA / Management Today Best Green Energy Company award.

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Building a dedicated innovation business to serve the low carbon residential energy markets

E.ON needed to build its presence in the new low carbon residential energy markets, and recognized that a BAU approach would risk failing to address opportunities that were small compared with its core energy retailing business.

Edengene was engaged to support the development of E.ON IGNITE; a dedicated innovation business unit.

Edengene provided expert and interim support to establish the process and governance structure for IGNITE. With the E.ON team, we developed a rapid customer segmentation to replace the BAU view of customers, established an innovation process and supported the launch of the lead proposition: E.ON SolarSaver.

Solar Saver

Building a domestic renewable energy business

E.ON wanted to move quickly to establish a position in the growing domestic renewable energy market, and substantiate its responsible and consumer-friendly brand claims.

Following the launch of the entry-level proposition in April 2010, Edengene continued to work with E.ON to build its presence in the micro-generation market, and positioned E.ON as a UK market leader over the next 18 months.