Virtual Round Tables

A cost effective way of sharing insight and solving problems - Virtual Round Tables is a powerful tool for addressing your innovation challenges.

How does it work? Each participant is assigned to a virtual table to work on a challenge over a specified timeframe. For example, you could assign 10 topics to ten separated groups for a 4 week period. Table members can exchange thoughts, generate ideas, and vote and build out the best solutions; the discussions can be facilitated centrally. You can involve staff from anywhere within the organisation and external parties from around the world. Being virtual (without having to be run in real time), it enables offline 'thinking time' for tackling complex issues.

The benefits

Our service

We provide a full solution backed by our proven innovation tools, techniques and expertise as well as market-leading cloud-based technology from our partner Qmarkets. We can help you get results by:

  1. Defining the business objectives and scoping the challenges
  2. Recruiting and building your innovation community
  3. Managing and running all aspects of the innovation software solution
  4. Monitoring and running the fixed term programme
  5. Applying innovation expertise to shape, build and prioritise the outputs

Unlike traditional approaches that may deliver an initial peak in participation, our clients see sustained innovation performance.