Real Time Innovator

Are you looking to develop new products and services, enhance the customer experience, address efficiency problems, or gain clarity on future strategic opportunities? Do you have multiple stakeholders and collaborators in diverse locations?

Real Time Innovator allows you to run half and whole day virtual idea generation sessions that involve more people than a face 2 face workshop, from anywhere in the world. Just like a normal workshop you can still live moderate, show stimulus and even auto-cluster ideas. Participants can range from staff to customers, suppliers and other parties.

The benefits

Our service

We combine proven innovation tools, techniques and expertise with market-leading cloud-based technology from our partner Qmarkets to provide a solution that gets results. We can help you by:

  1. Defining the business objectives and scoping the challenge
  2. Designing and facilitating Real Time Innovator session to allow different skill sets to get involved for broad participation
  3. Identifying and recruiting the right participants
  4. Managing and running all technical aspects of the Real Time Innovator
  5. Applying our innovation expertise to shape, build and prioritise the outputs

Unlike traditional approaches that can involve flying people in from all over the world, our clients see not only cost savings, but improved innovation performance and better results.