Idea Crowd

A cost effective and powerful tool to generate a large number of ideas from a variety of stakeholders to address your specific innovation challenges. You can address a broad range of challenges including solving complex supply chain or logistics problems, developing new services / products, enhancing the customer experience and improving employee cooperation and networking.

Idea Crowds are a very cost effective form of Community Platform that runs for a fixed period up to three months to address a specific challenge. You can involve staff from anywhere within the organisation and external parties from around the world including customers. Being virtual (without having to be run in real time), people can participate on their own terms.

The benefits

Our service

We provide a full solution backed by our proven innovation tools, techniques and expertise as well as market-leading cloud-based technology from our partner Qmarkets. We can help you get results by:

  1. Defining the business objectives and scoping the challenge
  2. Recruiting and building your innovation community
  3. Managing and running all aspects of the innovation software solution
  4. Monitoring and running the fixed term programme
  5. Applying innovation expertise to shape, build and prioritise the outputs

Unlike traditional approaches that may deliver an initial peak in participation, our clients see improved innovation performance and better financial results.