Employee Connect

Employee Connect is a cost effective way to involve more staff in generating ideas and developing solutions over an extended period of time. The applications are limitless and can range from improving services, developing new products, reducing costs, enhancing the customer experience, and generating ideas for what the future work environment should look like.

Whether you have 80 employees in one location, or 80,000 employees spread around the world – Employee Connect can make sure everyone can find a way to contribute.

And with our market-leading technology, you can easily identify the best ideas, make sure the right people can get involved in the right places in the process, and track your innovation pipeline in real-time. If you would like to involve customers, external experts and other communities, please see our Community Platform service.

The benefits

Our service

We provide a full solution backed by our proven innovation tools, techniques and expertise as well as market-leading cloud-based technology from our partner Qmarkets. We can help you get results by:

  1. Defining the business objectives and scoping the employee challenges
  2. Identifying the right groups of staff to involve
  3. Managing and running all aspects of the innovation software solution
  4. On-going management and running of the programme
  5. Managing the innovation process from start to finish

Ultimately, Employee Connect has so many applications that it becomes a strategic asset to your business.