About Edengene

Flexible solutions

Traditional models of engaging with our clients don’t always fit their circumstances.  Sometimes clients want traditional consulting support. Other times they may simply need the help of an experienced expert to catalyse their own team in an interim capacity or periodic meetings with a trusted advisor.

We are happy to flex our engagement model to suit our clients’ needs and circumstances.  Our commercial terms also vary from traditional fee-based arrangements to retainers and contingent models where we share with our clients in the value we create together.


We seek to adopt the best virtues of good consultancy, delivering high quality work in an efficient and effective manner. To these virtues we also add our own particular emphases to maximise the value we can deliver to our clients:

Smaller teams of experienced people: Reflecting our clients’ increasing preference to use our experts, but supplement them with their own analysts and junior staff, rather than paying for us to supply them.

Co-working with our clients: Co-working in joint client-consulting teams allows us make the most of our collective capabilities, leveraging our clients’ knowledge and capabilities as well as our own.

Skills and knowledge transfer: We recognise our clients’ requirement not to create a long-term dependency on consultants. Therefore, we look to transfer our skills to them to grow their own capability.

Flexible commercial models

The majority of our work continues to be fixed-price for a project as this provides certainty of cost for an agreed set of outputs. However, we offer a range of commercial models that allow our clients to select terms appropriate to the nature of the work and their particular circumstances. These include:

Fixed fee: A fixed sum for delivering an agreed set of outputs, providing certainty of cost

Time and materials: Variable charges based on the amount of time invested by our team, most often used when a client’s requirement is for periodic or part-time support.

Retainer: A recurring monthly or quarterly payment for a package of support that may include coaching and mentoring or outsourced innovation.

Base fee plus contingent reward: A discounted fixed fee with a contingent payment based on results.

Interim +

Sometimes clients identify the need for expert support, but only need an injection of experience and expertise to supplement their own in order to accelerate results.

Edengene's ‘Interim+’ solution is designed to provide focused expert support in such situations. All of our interims are skilled in our methodology, and have access to Edengene’s advisors and consultants to add to their own knowledge and experience.

The Interim+ model is also an appealing option for implementation work once a consulting project is complete, providing an affordable alternative to continuing with a larger consulting team over what are typically long time-scales.