About Edengene


Our aspiration is to offer our clients world-class innovation expertise that can be deployed to solve business issues and identify and exploit opportunities.

Our staff bring experience in a wide variety of industries and markets - typically they have 10 or more years of industry and consulting experience.  To this foundation we add specific experts from industry, consulting and academic backgrounds to bring deep functional or market knowledge appropriate to the needs of our clients.

Edengene’s work is underpinned by the proprietary innovation methodology that has successfully been applied to client projects for more than 10 years.  This methodology has been recognised as a leading example of a ‘stage-gate’ proposition development process, and has been adopted by many of our clients to deliver rapid and consistent results – increasing customer satisfaction and delivering increased revenues and profits for our clients.

Innovation experts

Most of Edengene’s core team has over 10 years of experience in customer–led innovation programmes with prominent companies. They bring a mix of creativity and commercial pragmatism to our work, combining a strong knowledge of innovation best practice with the intuitive judgment that comes with experience.

All of our staff are experienced in the use of our methodology and its application to a range of situations and market sectors.

Expert network

Our expert network is comprised of individuals and strategic partners with complementary capabilities. Our network includes:

  • Subject matter experts - bringing functional expertise, e.g. futurology, brand strategy, customer insight, and data analytics.
  • Industry/market experts - bringing deep knowledge of the trends and dynamics of vertical or geographic markets and domain expertise, particularly in technology areas.
  • Academics & thought leaders - bringing new ideas perspectives to the innovation arena, challenging prevailing beliefs and opening up new lines of thinking.
Proven methodology

Edengene employs a set of proven frameworks covering strategy, innovation, vision setting and change management.

At the centre of our methodology is Edengene’s proprietary Innovation Framework, which has been used in dozens of major companies. The key features of the Edengene methodology are:

  • It starts with customers’ key needs and engages them throughout the innovation process to avoid a product or technology-push mind set.
  • It drives opportunities through a robust stage-gate process to ensure a disciplined yet rapid approach.
  • It makes selective use of over 100 leading strategy and innovation tools and techniques.
  • It enables focus to be maintained on delivering value to our clients and their customers.
  • It is universally applicable to any business in any market.
  • Over the years the Edengene methodology has been proven to deliver results – compelling growth strategies and customer propositions that generate revenue and profit for our clients.

Our Thinking

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Our services

Our services

We develop growth strategies, deliver innovation projects and help our clients build lasting innovation capability...

The Team

The Team

Meet the Edengene team. ..

Our Publications

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